Metatechnicity Research Convenors

GRAB46.jpgStephen Thompson 

Based in Cardiff, Stephen is a speculative designer and theorist. Why do we have a word for the stuff we call technology? When designers and theorists try to characterise our species, our cognition, our planet and our physics, is it more productive to understand technology and the human body as nodes in a single widely distributed and emergent bio-technic ‘soma’? Stephen Thompson. PhD. MA(RCA). BA(Hons). SFHEA. FRSA. Principal Lecturer in Design, Academic Lead of Graduate Studies (Doctoral & Masters), Cardiff School of Art & Design : Cardiff Metropolitan University.  OpenUp Music Trustee.

GRAB46.jpgMartyn Woodward 

Martyn is an interdisciplinary researcher, practitioner and Academic. With over 10 years of experience working within interdisciplinary learning and teaching and research contexts. He has developed an approach to inter and transdisciplinary learning and teaching for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level study.

His current practice and research asks what the role of Art & Design may be in post-industrial 21st Century context. His thinking brings together Transition Design, inter-species ethnography, anthropology, dynamic systems theory and ecological philosophy to model a potential ecological futures, practices and ways of being.

Martyn Woodward PhD. MA. BA(Hons). SFHEA. Principal Lecturer, Associate Dean of Student Engagement, Cardiff School of Art & Design : Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Metatechnicity Research Members

GRAB46.jpgCarmen Casaliggi

Based in Cardiff, Carmen studies the long Nineteenth-Century and focussing on the transdisciplinary legacies of Romanticism in the arts and humanities, with particular reference to the construction of concepts of transnational sociability, nationhood, identity, and politics of migration, alongside present-day debates on global environmentalism. Carmen explores ways to use Romantic literature in applied settings, including issues such as climate change and environmental sustainability and the dialectic between capital and globalization. Carmen Casaliggi PhD. MA. BA. FHEA. Reader in English, Cardiff School of Education & Social Policy : Cardiff Metropolitan University.

GRAB46.jpgAlexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos 

Based in Cardiff and in Athens with oneContinuosLab – the hosts of Metatechnicity’s Athens node – Alexandros is a musician and artist, concerned with creating transdiciplinary work at the intersection of art, science and technology. oneContinuousLab is a transdisciplinary art-science studio-lab based in Athens. It has the aspiration to enable people to see beyond conventional perspectives by connecting ideas and concepts that seem unrelated and dispersed. Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos PhD. MRes. MSc. BSc. FHEA. Senior Lecturer, Cardiff School of Art & Design : Cardiff Metropolitan University & Co-founder oneContinuousLab, Athens.

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Current Metatechnicity Doctoral Researchers

GRAB46.jpgTheo Humphries

GRAB46.jpgAmelia Huw Morgan

GRAB46.jpgHenry Hill

GRAB46.jpgLaura Barritt

GRAB46.jpgEmma Smith

GRAB46.jpgYalda Bozorg

GRAB46.jpgNigel Ash

GRAB46.jpgSanjay Sahota

Metatechnicity Graduate Research Community

GRAB46.jpgDr Andrea Gogova (adjunct)

GRAB46.jpgDr Rachel Eardley

Metatechnicity Extended Research Community

GRAB46.jpgDr. Lambros Malafouris : Keble College, University of Oxford : Institute of Archaeology.

GRAB46.jpgProf. Dr. Michael Punt : Plymouth University : Transtechnology Research

GRAB46.jpgDr. Anne Roudaut : University of Bristol : Bristol Interaction Group

GRAB46.jpgDr. Masa Popovac : University of Buckingham

GRAB46.jpgProf. Robert Pepperell : Cardiff Metropolitan University : FovoLab

GRAB46.jpgProf. Steve Gill : Cardiff Metropolitan University : UCD Research

GRAB46.jpgDr. Keireine Canavan : Cardiff Metropolitan University

GRAB46.jpgDr. Carly Stewart : Bournemouth University

GRAB46.jpgBarry Farrimond MBE  : CEO OpenUp Music : OpenUp Music

GRAB46.jpgJason Davies : Cardiff Metropolitan University

GRAB46.jpgDr. Natasha Mayo : Cardiff Metropolitan University

GRAB46.jpgDr Jon Pigott : Cardiff Metropolitan University

GRAB46.jpgAdam Davies : Loughborough University

GRAB46.jpg Laura Welsman : Transtechnology Research